Jabari Parker

The Trail Blazer

Jabari Parker is a multi-faceted young man who is being molded and shaped by two important things in his life. The first thing that influences him is his spiritual foundation. Jabari is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The principles acquired through his faith have helped Jabari to be a good student, have a strong respect for the game of basketball, and cultivate a tremendous will to experience victory with his teammates.

The second thing that influences Jabari is the relationship he has with his family. His father and mother, Sonny and Lola Parker, have worked hard to create an environment that promotes humility and hard work to achieve his goals. Jabari knows that regardless of the final score of the game, his family is always there to love and support him.

Jabari is blessed to have great coaches, mentors, teachers, and friends who have helped him over the years and appreciates them all.